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Building a strong company culture

Five core principles that have guided Maven Landscape Services' growth

The importance of training your employees

Why excellent training is key for a healthier business, happier employees and an outstanding customer experience.

What to look for in your landscape maintenance contract

Six items that should be clear in every contract

How to keep your landscape growing strong in the Texas heat

Five key ways to beautifully maintain your landscape

Energy-saving tips for your landscape

How to save money with smart irrigation controllers and with landscaping lighting

The best plants for dry areas

What native plants are best suited for the long, hot and dry Texan summers?

How proper irrigation can save you water (and money)

A properly designed and maintained irrigation system can reduce your property’s water use, keep your plants healthy and save you up to 50% in water bills

Xeriscaping 101

How your landscape can conserve water and save money at the same time

Six questions you should ask before working with a commercial landscaping firm

What to look for in a commercial landscaping company

Common Texas turf issues and how to treat them

Lawns can be finicky. There are all sorts of issues that can spring up over time!

Caring for your property's trees

Six common questions on tree care answered and explained

How landscaping can improve your bottom line

Five reasons why commercial landscaping pays for itself

A January Austin landscaping and gardening to-do list

A landscaping to-do list for winter in Texas

Does your home need a landscape renovation?

Just as you fix up and modernize your home to keep it looking new and appealing, your landscaping will also require periodic attention and upgrades.

New home landscaping ideas

The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior

Waterwise landscaping

Seven tips to save water in your home's landscape

Patio ideas

Patios add another element of living to your home

Landscape walls

Whether the wall is short, tall, fat, or skinny, there is always a purpose for a landscape wall.

Winter treatments

What you can do to your property's landscape in the winter to prepare for spring and summer

Firewise landscaping

How can you help to protect your home by choosing the right place for the right plant?

The benefits of hardscaping

Living plants and natural elements are what most people think of when they hear the word “landscaping”. But this neglects another important piece of landscaping — hardscaping!

Lighting up your landscape

Your landscape is a great investment. Why only enjoy it during the day?