Lighting up your landscape

Your landscape is a great investment. Why only enjoy it during the day?

Lighting shouldn’t be considered an afterthought for your landscape.

There are many different options and styles for lights. Fixtures can range from sleek and contemporary to almost undetectable. Colors and filters also add interest, which range from a soft amber glow to cool blues that mimic moonlight.

Here are a few of the most commonly used types of landscape lighting in Austin.

  • Landscape up-lights bring attention to focal points in the garden. Whether it is specimen trees, planters or water features, up-lights bring light to special parts of your garden.
  • Path lights and step lights provide safety and soft lighting to a path. They also help create ambient down lighting to a pathway and flower beds.
  • Wall wash lights illuminate walls and draw special interest to architectural features of the home. Wall lights have different effects depending on the type of wall. For example, a smooth stucco wall will look quite different than a stone wall once illuminated. When stones have up-lighting to them, there is an interesting play of textures and shadows on the façade. It is also nice to cast shadows onto a wall through a sculptural tree such as a Japanese Maple or Crape Myrtle after their leaves have fallen for the winter.

Landscape lighting provides safety to a property. Most homes have porch lights, but leave the rest of the property dark. Selective lighting throughout your garden and patio can give security, interest and added depth to a property.

Landscape lighting is a great winter project as it can be installed any time of the year. With the new technology of LED landscape lights, it’s a minimal cost to your electric bill.

Your landscape is a great investment. Why only enjoy it during the day?

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