Does your home need a landscape renovation?

Just as you fix up and modernize your home to keep it looking new and appealing, your landscaping will also require periodic attention and upgrades.

Just as you fix up and modernize your home to keep it looking new and appealing, your landscaping will also require periodic attention and upgrades. It’s natural for many Austin homeowners to put off landscape renovation as it can seem daunting and overwhelming at first.

Whether your yard needs a complete refresh of plants and vegetation or just a bit of a pick-me-up, it’s important to establish exactly what you want at the beginning. Starting the process with a solid landscape renovation plan ensures the process will go much smoother and the end result will better match what you envisioned.

Renovation of any kind is usually a sizeable project, and most people aren’t primed to renovate as soon as they move into a home. In some cases, however, that’s just what a new homeowner needs to do.

Here’s why you might need to consider a landscape renovation:

  • The shrubbery is overgrown.
  • The turf or lawn in both yards is dead or needs work.
  • The trees on your property need significant trimming.
  • The layout of both yards does not complement your home at all.

If your home’s landscaping possesses any of the above issues, a landscape renovation is pretty much in order. Good landscaping adds quite a bit to your home’s value. It can also transform your property into a personal oasis that you look forward to coming home to each day. So, if you want your home to build value and character, it’s best to consider getting a landscape renovation sooner rather than later.

Cleaning Up and Rehabilitating

Sometimes, the key to designing a better landscape simply starts with cleaning up. Start with looking at your greenery.

Do your plants look healthy? Or, do they need to be removed and/or rehabilitated in some way? Over time, plants can become overcrowded, transforming a once inviting entrance into an overgrown mess that blocks windows, crowds sidewalks and overpowers the house in general. Overcrowded and uncultivated vegetation can give a house an ‘abandoned’ or neglected look, which certainly does not help increase the value of your home. Other problems, such as compacted soil, poor air circulation and even an overabundance of weeds, cause native plants to become unhealthy. We have all the solutions you need from landscaping around trees to xeriscaping.

If you find any diseased plants, it’s best to completely remove them. Clean out anything that might be obstructing those particular areas. Replant with new plants (or seeds) as needed. Regular examination of the state of your plants and cleaning up the excess is a great way to ensure your landscaping efforts last.

Develop a Clear Vision

The key to a great landscape renovation is having a clear vision and understanding of how you want both yards to look. Not to mention, how both yards should look together.

You have plenty of choices when it comes to new landscape design, which is why landscape renovation can be a very exciting time. It’s your chance to create a space that enhances your lifestyle. A well-designed landscape doesn’t just improve the aesthetic quality of your home – it also allows you to live outdoors in comfort and beauty. This is your opportunity to create an environment that is conducive to your lifestyle, recreational, entertaining and emotional needs. The way you feel while in your outdoor space will largely depend on how you set the mood with colors, fragrances, textures, privacy levels and a number of other elemental details and comforts.

While the front yard is more about presentation and looking the part, the backyard area is yours to create your own private haven. If you want to turn your backyard into a living space for your family, do that. Some people opt to add recreational and functional elements to their backyards such as a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, dining areas and more.

No matter what you choose to do, renovating both yards will add some much-needed value to your home.

Are you considering a landscape renovation for your Austin home? Enlist the help of our expert landscaping designers and architects. Our team has years of experience with Austin landscape renovation projects of all sizes and complexity. Let us help you bring your landscaping project to life.

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