What to look for in your landscape maintenance contract

Six items that should be clear in every contract

Looking after all of the little details of a property can be overwhelming. When it comes to landscaping, you need a trusted partner you can count on the take care of everything.

We’ve already covered some of the basic questions you should ask a commercial landscaping firm before you agree to work with them. We’ve also talked about how landscaping can improve your bottom line.

But what about the contract? What should be included, and what should you look for before signing the dotted line? Below are items we always include in our contracts — and aspects you should look out for.

  • Contract length — Every contract is written with a specific timeframe in mind. Often this is a fixed amount of time — typically a year — and the contract renews each year on its “anniversary.”
  • Clear service schedule and scope — Ask yourself: what’s happening, and when? What’s included? Are all of the services you need completed covered? At Maven, we follow a precise schedule for commercial landscape maintenance that we’ve perfected over the years. Take a look at it yourself in our “Texas Commercial Landscape Maintenance Playbook.” Inside the playbook, you’ll get a better handle on what our yearly maintenance looks like on a commercial property.
  • Pricing and payment structure — Make sure the services you’ve agreed to are clearly spelled out. Occasionally, there are services that you may need to pay extra for. It’s also a good idea to find out what happens if you decide to change service plans or cancel your service plan mid-season.
  • Contingency plans — In Texas, it’s not uncommon for inclement weather and storms to cause delays to landscape maintenance work. Nature is unpredictable, and seasons often start and end earlier or later than expected. In your contract, look for clear plans of action for weather and seasonal delays.
  • Insurance coverage — Who’s responsible for damages? Request proof of insurance coverage up front. At Maven, we’re insured above and beyond the minimum requirements.
  • Communication — There is nothing more crucial for a beneficial contract that the ability to easily communicate with your contractor. Define the scope of the maintenance work and the expectations you have for your firm up front. Ask them how they’ll be in touch with you throughout contract’s duration. Be wary of low bids who just want to win your business. You’re better off ensuring that the contract is detail-specific and transparent — and with a company you trust!

Ultimately, every contract should be about protection — for both you and the contractor you agree to work with. Your firm should be a partner in keeping your property safe and beautiful. At Maven, we strive to be that partner — part of our philosophy as a company is to be proactive and professional. That’s one of the many reasons why we developed the “Texas Commercial Landscape Maintenance Playbook,” which includes a yearly maintenance schedule for commercial properties.

Now that you know what to expect from Maven if you end up deciding to work with us, feel free to call us today and request an estimate!

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