How landscaping can improve your bottom line

Five reasons why commercial landscaping pays for itself

Think about your property. How do you think people feel the first time they step on it? Do they think it looks beautiful? Do they find it inspiring? Or does it leave a little to the imagination?

First impressions matter. The landscape surrounding your store, condominium, warehouse, restaurant or plaza influences whether people enjoy spending time on your property. They might linger, or they might want to get out. Fast.

Here’s a list of reasons I like to give folks when they ask what the real benefits of landscaping their commercial property are.

  • You’ll attract more customers and clients — Healthy trees and a manicured turf are appealing. Overgrown shrubs and dead flowers aren’t. Whether your landscape is maintained well or not can speak volumes to people about how you do business or treat your clients. Think about it. A well-maintained property can create a feeling of welcome and hospitality, no matter what business you’re in. You’re either encouraging people to stay longer, or driving them away. The National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) reports that shoppers will spend 9 to 12% more for goods and services in areas with high-quality tree canopies.
  • Guests will remember you — If there’s one thing a beautiful commercial property will do, it’s help you stand out from your competition. If you have a gorgeous property, the beauty of it will stick out to guests… and they’ll keep coming back for more it! The NALP also reports that shoppers will travel a greater distance and a longer time to visit stores surrounded by healthy and tall trees.
  • Your property value will increase — When your property looks nice, its value goes up. It’s plain and simple. And we even have a phrase for it — “curb appeal”. The Appraisal Institute estimates that a well-landscaped property can add approximately 6 to 13% of value compared to a property without any landscaping. If you ever sell your property, the landscaping typically pays for itself.
  • You can improve the health and happiness of employees and guests — I like to think of green spaces as morale boosters. They’re great places to clear your head. Even though I work outside most days, I still like to take my breaks outdoors when I can. And if you’re a business owner, your employees probably do too! Studies show that time outside can lower stress, improve depression and anxiety symptoms, and improve attention span.
  • You can save money on energy bills — If you have a professionally designed lighting system with LED lights, you can save on your power bills. With strategically placed trees, the additional shade can lower heating and cooling costs. In fact, Cornell University ran a study and found that a well-planned landscape designed for energy efficiency can reduce heating and cooling costs by 10 to 30%.

In the end, commercial landscaping creates a win-win situation for both property owners and managers as well as their guests and residents. When your design and maintain a beautiful landscape on your property, there are clear ways to either save money — or earn more of it. If you’d like to improve your bottom line through landscaping, we’re happy to help. Get in touch with us and let’s create a plan for your property!

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