A January Austin landscaping and gardening to-do list

A landscaping to-do list for winter in Texas

January is the start of the new year, which also means new beginnings for your Austin landscape and garden. This is also the season for quick, hard freezes, which you MUST look out for over the next 90 days. If a freeze is coming, then be sure to water everything well beforehand. Do NOT overwater. Following are a list of things to do this month in order to keep everything healthy for the rest of the year.

Cut ’em back

If you have dormant, woody plants or shrubs and you haven’t done so already, cut em’ back for the coming growing season.

This is the time to prune your trees – especially Live Oaks. Some ordinances only allow tree pruning two-three times a year and this is arguably the best time to do it. If you need help or have any questions about pruning, please ask us. We would rather you did it right, than hurt your trees and potentially those of your neighbors.


This is a great time, the best really, to move roses, shrubs and trees – when they are in a more dormant state.

Bare-root plants need to be put in the ground now. Get it done.

Move hardy seedlings outside.

Divide and transplant perennials if they have gotten too big for their space. If you want to get rid of some, be sure to offer them to your friends first or donating them.

Fertilize, Weed and Pest Control

Now is the time to add manure or compost to your veggie gardens if you have ’em. They need time to marinate.

Also, fertilize your roses, berry bushes, iris, daylilies, pansies, etc. If you have questions about, contact us.

Add certified-organic labelled pest controls (typically an oil) to your fruit trees and shrubs.

Use a certified fungicide treatment on your lawn where you typically find brown spots.

Weeding is crucial right now. DO NOT JUST SPRAY THEM! Seriously, how lazy can you be? The soil is fairly moist. Either dig them out or, better yet, pull ’em. Get down low and look for little sprouts and such. In empty beds, turn them as you fertilize and pull out any weeds that you see. Be diligent because it gets so much harder to get rid of them once the warmer, dryer months come around.

Check for mealy bugs and scale on your plants right now.

Lawn Care

Remove grass from around the trees.

As we said in the section above, take care of those problem patches of brown during the green season now with a fungicide.

DO NOT overwater or over-fertilize.

If you have any questions or comments or simply want us to deal with all of this, please call or email us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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